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Get Your Tentacles Off My Waifu!

A game about the objectification of love.

"Waifu" is a cute Shoot 'em Up for everyone who wants to save pony waifus from tentacle monster. The game sticks to the gameplay from the 90's shooting games and offers a more methodical challenge.

Your journey seems similar to one of a knight in shining armor, but you may find out sooner than later that the tentacle creatures are not the only monsters you have to face.

You can download the demo here for free. It contains the first five levels of the game. The demo will be updated every few weeks to be on par with the Alpha Access version.

If you want to learn more check out the Discord Server:
Flying Realms on Discord

And if you want to get Alpha Access and more information about the ongoing development of "Waifu" check out Patreon:
Flying Realms Patreon

Updated 28 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFlying Realms
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Cute, pony, Shoot 'Em Up, Tentacles

Install instructions

When you download the game you will get a zip archive. When you unpacked it you will find an .exe file. Just start it. No installation needed.


get-your-tentacles-off-my-waifu-win-demo-alpha.zip 57 MB
Version 39 28 days ago


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It was a breeze until level 5, where boss really had me stumped, at which point I realized that there is loot, and I can get it by throwing boxes (oops).

I'm really liking the loot system here. With managing risk and reward by choosing more damage or more loot+strength to open crates or having more loot-quality items.

I've spent probably 6 hours grinding everything there is in the demo ^^;;

Got 100 loot-quality (5items +20 each), and 18k stardust.

Feedback: There is probably needs to be a system for dumping all these stardust, as I didn't really had to worry about item's cost-to-wear stat.
Example systems: enchanting (minecraft), gambling (diablo) or enchanting-with-chance-of-item-destruction (MMOs). Something where it is possible to dump stardust indefinitely.


Dev Here ^^

Thanks for the nice words. You are right - the tutorial is lacking a clear indication that you throw crates. That is likely something that can properly addressed much later in the development. The plan is that the Waifus have tiny little quests for Poneh, which show the game mechanics. So one quest is to throw a container for the Confectionary Waifu to create whipped cream.

Stardust has a funny dynamic right now. At the first levels it's a bit low. You have enough during mid-game and may lack a bit during late-game. The Stardust is also one of the potential grind mechanics. Some people love grinding and some hate it. That's why there is at stardust factor setting so everybody can finely adjust the difficulty.

But the game still needs a money sink. The most likely time to get one implemented properly is when overhauling the crafting system. It's a bit bland right now and doesn't make good use of stardust and materials. It won't be the needed money sink, but it could make stardust more relevant without introducing too much grind.

Windows only :(

I am... in absolute awe.
The idea of poneh saving poneh in this game is so cute.

There is a problem with the crosshair order. I'm unsure if you saw this already or not but when I press the right button and try to loop around it goes from:

Off -> [Yellow -> Blue -> Red]

It goes from Off to loop the primary colors. Then when I go press the left button:

Green <- Orange <- Purple <- Off <- Yellow

It loops around the secondary colors but the Off and Yellow are included too.

Yep - that one is new to me. I wrote it into the tasklist for Troubleshoot Thursdays.

Thank you very much for reporting and it's great to hear that you enjoy the game.